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Eloy helped us find and buy our house He was always honest and soooooo patient with us during the process of looking. He responded promptly when we contacted him and gave us great advice when considering a home to buy. He even found funding that saved us a considerable sum of money. He went over and above what was expected. I would definately recommend him to anyone looking to buy a house.

5 iamaroot1944

I have purchased from Ridgecrest Realty and also have a home listed for sale with Eloy. I have had only positive results with him. He goes out of his way to get funding and he answer all question you have concerning your sale or purchase.

5 baja1641

Eloy is really awesome! He would work around my work schedule no matter how late it was. Any problems we encountered during the closing period or even after the house closed, I called Eloy and he handled them. I hope to be working with Eloy again in the future!

5 jercart

Eloy is a very friendly, helpful agent. To say he is eccentric would be an understatement but eccentric in a good way. Easy to contact and provided us with all the information we needed throughout the process of us buying a home. Thanks Eloy, for a great experience!!!!!!!!

5 shawnbarker5

Eloy has sold my houses and I have bought from him. Every transaction is easy and he handles everything to his ability. Eloy follows through with all the contacts and he sells

5 rbservices

I flip properties. Eloy has come thru in purchasing and selling homes for the last four years. I am a flipper and he is a closer. He comes highly recommended and so now you know my secret.

5 johnmpavin

I have know Eloy for several years now and have many transactions with him. He works literally day and night, is always available for clients. He is one of the most highly educated professionals I work with.

5 marcella42681

Eloy was very friendly and knowledgeable. Eloy was available at any time and very easy to reach. He was available by phone, email, and in person. Very professional.

5 ac19832008

Excellent value. First in correctly pricing my home for sale and second negotiating for the lowest price when I made my offer on a new purchase. Want the best forget the rest have Eloy broker of Ridgecrest Realty represent you. Adnan

5 caivazian

Looking to buy or sell a property in Ridgecrest? I highly recommend Mr. Eloy Rodriguez. Eloy is hard working, knowledgeable, excellent Sales negotiator, and ultra professional Broker, I highly recommend Mr Eloy Rodriguez to sell your property, or help you find that right property. I am a very thankful and satisfied customer. He has sold a few homes for me very quickly, helping me get market price. Ridgecrest Realty’s, Mr Eloy Rodriguez is very professional, he has explained the RIDGECREST market affecting my homes I was listing, he explained to me why he set the price and gave me market comparible figures to back up his recommendation as well. Eloy is thorough, fast, effective, he is an Expert in his field of Real Estate. I trust Eloy with Selling my home for the most Value and he works hard to sell my home for me as fast as he can! Eloy can work miracles! Eloy has been very honest and thorough with selling my properties. He has helped me resolve a sticky issue on my one property which initially prevented me from being able to sell it. He helped me resolve the issue: he talked to banks,. The City and helped me fix the issue so I could sell my property at the market price. Not many brokers take time out of their busy schedule to help resolve an issue, they’d likely say come back if you have issue resolution! Eloy went above and Beyond! I was given Eloys name after nearly giving up on being able to sell my homes in RIDGECREST, sales seemed to take forever before I was introduced to Eloy by a business associate! Eloy doesn’t get a for sale listing and wait, he goes out and helps find a buyer immediately. Eloy goes the extra mile! Eloy assured me not to worry. Eloy has been professional, knowledgeable on the RIDGECREST properties market,, and Eloy quickly and efficiently has been helping me sell my properties. I highly recommend Mr Eloy Rodriguez at RIDGECREST Realty for selling your property or buying a property in RIDGECREST! I am a happy satisfied customer! :). For my future real estate needs, whether buying, or selling, I will contact Eloy always!

5 kents9

Eloy Rodriguez was very helpful with, and knowledgable of the local real estate market when selling my home in Ridgecrest,California. He was always available to answer questions and assist me as needed.

5 zuser20160414203511978

I used Eloy to sell my house and found that he had extensive knowledge on every aspect of realty and was always willing to give advice. I was always able to reach Eloy no matter what time of the day it was, even 11pm at night he was willing to take phone calls. He was very prompt getting document ready and my favorite part about working with Eloy is that he uses a program for all the documents that are needed to be signed that allows you to click and sign on your computer or phone. The only papers I had to physically sign were at a title company. This worked very well with my busy schedule and allowed the paperwork process to run smoothly. I will continue to use Eloy for buying and selling houses because of his strong sense of urgency and ability to seal a deal.

5 sanka0

I just got hired at the China Lake Naval Base. Called Eloy from out of state after see the numbers sales and reviews. There were a couple of homes I was interested. He went to each home to later give his opinion. I even made an offer sight unseen with a inspection contingency upon my arrival. I am now an my new job and new home

5 Remmington Miyashiro

When looking for an agent I knew that I needed an agent who could work after hours and was pretty much on call to answer any questions I had. Eloy was respectful and extremely knowledgeable. I am now the proud owner of a duplex and I have him to thank for that. He sells insurance too!

5 edwardsowerson

I worked for over a year with a couple of other local agents and the experience was pretty brutal. In my frustration I reached out to Ridgecrest Realty. Within an hour of me contacting Ridgecrest Realty Eloy was over at my property taking photos and putting together an analysis. From the very beginning he took my concerns seriously and immediately worked on a strategy. Very knowledgeable, very responsive, and very engaging. My property had a challenging history due to previous agents.

5 ebernardino1 eb

Eloy did an excellent job at finding us a home that we immediately fell in love with and was able to answer all of our questions. He explained all of the paper work and was very helpful.

5 engbillsanchez

Mr. Rodriguez is seasoned professional who puts the needs of his clients first! Pleasure working with him and I highly recommend him to all potential buyers and sellers. I have been working with many Realtor over the years and i find Mr, Rodriguez to be one of the few brokers who tell it like it is without making open ended promises! If you are looking for a seasoned veteran, then he is the go-to man.

5 onestopmarket199

As a first time buyer I had no clue as to purchasing a home. Ridgecrest Realty help from beginning to end. Eloy has knowledge of financing , negotiation , inspections required and what the seller owes on a home. He has the latest research programs that make a difference when making an offer. If you want a low stress guide who take you through the cave of darkness to the light of home ownership he is the man. PS He even explained how the interest paid on a mortgage every year may be deductible from my gross salary!!!

5 xinbowlridgecrest

Ridgecrest Realty helped us secure tenants for two commercial/ retail buildings that had been listed with other brokerages without success. Eloy put together new deals to create a good fit.

5 user1341853

Thank you Eloy, for making our first home buying process easy and less stressful. We are grateful that you negotiated all the necessary repairs for us, and will highly recommend your services!

5 robinpontius

Eloy made selling our house super easy. When another agent in the area made it difficult to sell our home. I researched the best selling agent on Zillow. Eloy was at the top. We sent him a message and our phone was ringing in two minutes. NO JOKE. He is great to work with and sold our house in two months.

5 dakota andekin

Eloy was always available to communicate throughout the home buying process. He was knowledgeable in the home buying process and very helpful in explaining things to us. We are very happy with his service.

5 zuser20161115122348853

Eloy did a great job of making my home buying process a success! My deal was about to fall through because the owner didn’t want to lower the asking price a few grand to the appraised value, so Eloy reduced his commission to make the deal work. Not sure how often realtors make this sacrifice, but that says a lot to me. I like to communicate via text and email because it’s more convenient for my schedule, but response time to these can be a bit slow, only thing I’d recommend is to communicate by phone. Another great thing about Eloy is that even after closing on the deal he continued to work with me and was easy to reach to help take care of the inherited issues with the house.

5 caivazian

Eloy sold my 4 house in Ridgecrest California. He is professional, knows the market, honest, and an excellent broker. I found Eloy through a friend after trying a few others who either tried to price them low for fast sales for their gain or things just didn’t move. If you want to sell, get the best deal, try Mr Eloy Rodriguez. He always works hard and is honest too. I am an actual customer and he sold my 4 homes in Ridgecrest in just a few short months!

5 zuser20150127085748241

Eloy was able to sell my home within a month or two after being on the market for over a year! I was impressed that he was sending emails at all times of the day (even midnight on occasion). I’m not sure when he sleeps (if he does). Eloy handled everything for me since I had moved nearly 2,000 miles away. Thank you, Eloy! I consider you a life saver!

5 juansantiago45222

investor looking for flipping opportunity. Spoke to Eloy about flipping homes at fair a return. I am currently on my 5th home investment and family multi family and projects. I highly recommend

5 user4738160

Sold house within 5 days of Eloy posting the listing. Received asking price and everything went fairly smoothly. Only problems were with the escrow company’s requirements and one of the inspectors plugging up the toilet, which was not Eloy’s fault. Had to make a roof repair and Eloy knew who could do the work at a reasonable price. Very happy with this agent.

5 pgur

Eloy always had time for my questions and concerns, and I had more than I wish I did. Smart people are great to be around. And so are patient people. Him living in Ridgecrest for sometime probably helped. If I can afford another home one day I’m very interested in using him again as my agent.

5 user7705465

Words can not describe how great Eloy is. He was always there when we had questions and on the ball of everything. It was an absolute crazy experience buying our first home but Eloy always made sure our questions were answered and was very honest. We suggest him to everyone we know that’s buying a home because we would rather deal with him then any other agency.

5 user48567593

Eloy helped me buy my first home and made sure to explain everything along the way and made me feel very comfortable in the process. He helped me get the home that me and my family wanted and at a price I could afford! He now manages the property and I have dealt with Eloy since 2009! Excellent to work with and he does everything he can for you!

5 user1058788

Went with Eloy once I was given the shaft by coldwell. Should have started with him way sooner. Looked with coldwell(only coldwell houses fyi) drugged through the dirt with them for five months. Three offers on three houses and for some reason always told needed to give more than asking. Told repeatedly that this was normal that other buyers came in with offers on every house. Once i switched to Eloy found a house other than one he was showing (unlike coldwell) he got my closing cost paid by the seller, all within two weeks. Some how, unlike with coldwell no other mystery buyer at last minute. I have been in my house now five months a couldnt be happier with the service I got when working with Eloy.

5 user4574295

We bought our first home through Eloy Rodriguez and knew nothing of the process. He made it a very good exprerience by being patient with all of our questions and ignorance. Would definately recommend him to friends.

5 user0416801

Eloy was awesome he helped me get the house I wanted on the terms I wanted and he was there every step of the way. He even followed up with 6 months after I moved into my house to make sure everything was good. Now that is excellent service! A+

4 user4767269

Easy to work with. Willing to pay out to get the job done. Knowledgeable in repo type loans for fixer upper FHA loans. Bank didn’t want to pay to make home FHA standard. Mortage company told me no. Eloy told me about a type of FHA loan called a 203k loan. Mortgage company didn’t want to do it but i told them the house was worth it to me. Got stuck in escrow 90 days before i relieved Guild Mortgage (whom i will never use again) of my loan and started with a new company called Renovation Ready (with Eloys referral of this company) willing to stick it out while the new loan was being handled. Renovation Ready got all paperwork needed from Mr. Rodriguez in a timely fashion. Closed Loan within 27 days of escrow with new lender. if it hadnt been for Guild Mortgage this transaction would’ve been much easier and less stressful with the help i got from Eloy Rodriguez. happy with the results.

4 jenniefinley

Mr. Rodriguez was a big help and reliable most of the time. He works hard and seems like he never sleeps. He does the best he can to help when needed, and usually has good answers for you.

4 rmacdo776

Eloy was very helpful to me in helping me decide on the best way to proceed with either renting my property or selling my property. He obtained a buyer for me but we were not able to agree on the terms. As a result I decided to keep the property as a rental.

3 redcherries22

Knowledge He is a long time resident of Ridgecrest and as such knows the area well. Process He gave us information that conflicted with previous information that he provided and also gave us information that we later found out was completely wrong. Luckily it never came back to bit us. Responsiveness He was good at responding when we first talked to him, but it quickly went down hill after the offer was accepted. We had to remind him when the inspector was coming out so he would be there to let him in (he stopped responding to emails and had to physically call him to make sure he would be there). He rescheduled a sit down appointment twice within an hour. Negotiation The only negotiation advice that we got was that homes in the area went for $115 a square foot (our offer was accepted for under $90 a square foot so it was not even good advice). He never sent us comps on the house, he never helped us with what to do with the count offer (accept it or re-counter). The negotiation was left 100% up to us with only help from my family. Overall Buying a home is stressful enough and Eloy made it worse. He seems to have a lot of good reviews on here so we went with him, but I would recommend against using him. One of the worst parts about it is he is a one man shop, so if you do have problems like I did there is no manger to help get things on track.

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